We’ve been briefed with the ‘Bold Type’ project, the main objective is to innovate and experiment through type design and I’m really looking forward to it. I was keen to explore the craft of type design and the emotive power and potential it has when used on its own. 

There has been a visible resurgence
of bespoke typography in recent years and I want to try my hand at to learn the details and intricacies of the craft. 


Having returned from a busy Christmas break of working on a handful of music videos for various musicians we got stuck straight in. I had been looking forward to the editorial project since last term when I first heard whispers of what it might involve. I have had very little experience in this area of graphic design communication and I am a huge fan of printed design. before returning back from the break I had a few very loose ideas I could base my editorial on. The first titled ‘Rework’ and second titled ‘Live’. ‘Rework’ was going to involve art and design that would be remixed and reworked by contemporary designers and re-presented to invite new ways of interpreting the works. The concept for ‘Live’ was inspired by a book I’d bought titled ‘Oh So Pretty - Punk In Print’. In this book a collector called Toby Mott displayed his vast collection of printed memorabilia from the punk movement of the 1970s. The simplicity of their presentation and the beautiful design of the leaflets and flyers themselves inspired me to work on something along the same lines. I wanted to translate this quality of music related imagery to the present day live music scene in London. I wanted to create a cheaply produced piece of print that visually displayed that particular month’s live events in London in a dynamic and exciting way. This would involve creating a unique poster for 1 event every day of the month, which would be a lot of work but I had a strong feeling that it would be worth it for the outcome. 

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