YCN 05

Here are some type cards from the Instagram story version of my final outcome as well as a design concept for the card itself. 

YCN 04

These are some still frames from the work of video maker Ruffmercy. His style was a major influence on my approach to this project and I wanted my final outcome to share a similar feel to his work. Inspired by his use of line work and colour combinations I began to explore how these would work in my films. 

YCN 03

My ideas have developed into a campaign titled ‘Step In’. It will be made up of a series a short film clips showing students stepping infant of different works of art and being transported into new inspiring spaces. I wanted to show in a concise form that viewing artwork can be an incredibly powerful experience. So to ensure that I could execute my outcome as I had imagined I created this rough trial piece in my room. This meant I could make sure it was technically possible but also allowed me to play with the timings and music to make sure it worked successfully before shooting the real thing. 

YCN 02

This is a visual I made to communicate one of my early ideas in response to Art Fund’s brief of selling their £5 art pass to students. What do students like more than their phones? so I thought why not present the art in galleries as though it were just another Instagram post for example. 

YCN 01

I presented this document that displays my initial responses to the brief, these quick ideas all respond to the brief in slightly different ways, at this stage in the project I want to keep many options open for further development so it was important to me that all of the ideas shown were kept quite free at this point. It may be the case that some of these ideas are combined to create my response to the brief. 


Art Fund’s goal was to sell their £5 student card in the most successful way possible to their target audience. This was an interesting challenge, I found that being a part of their target audience was both helpful in lots of ways but also difficult. It forced me to think deeply about what might be considered cliched and obvious and what might be a more dynamic and engaging campaign and what I could to ensure it worked successfully for its audience. 


To begin with I was unsure as to which of the YCN briefs to opt for but after some consideration I found that Art Fund’s campaign suited me very well as I have a natural passion for viewing art physically in galleries and museums. The idea of creating a 360 campaign covering social media, print and video was very appealing to me and not something I have experienced the challenge of before. Art Fund supplied a document detailing their visual identity and how to work with their various assets. I found their existing sense of identity to be a helpful limitation in progressing my own ideas for the project. 


I feel that I successfully communicated the values and subject of my magazine through the design choices I made. The industrial materials such as the foil tape, polyethene bags and paint marker work well with the DIY aesthetic that is very underground. Using newspaper club really added to this underground look and feel too.


I’m very happy with my final bold type outcome, it fits the exact aesthetic of what I was after. I’ve made a specimen poster and display poster you can look at.


Using my own handwriting I’ve produced experiments that play around with an industrial aesthetic, using paint markers and polyethene packaging bags. It adds a necessary edge to my magazine and bridges the gap between the titles and body text. The use of industrial materials can relate to the aesthetic of being rough and underground as it looks quite unfinished and naturally rugged with a lack of concern to look otherwise. Here are some experiments:

Using Format