To view my final outcome please follow links on my vimeo

FMP 05

Shoot Day 02

This shoot took place at Chelsea, I booked out a room and created my own green screen set up using two large sheets on green cloth. I was really pleased with how successfully the set-up worked and I was excited to get going on the edit. 

FMP 04

More shots from the first day of filming, including the bath filled with orange squash for a scene in which Phundo is fully submerged in juice filmed from above.

FMP 03

Shoot Day 01

The first day of the shoot was on location in a house/studio in Walsall near Birmingham. We used the pool to get a variety of shots both above and below the water. 

FMP 01

Here are some of the images used in my Treatment to communicate my vision for the music video. The song has a very summery and positive feel to it and I wanted to video to reflect his very strongly with lots of bright imagery. As the track is called Tropicana and features lines about water juice I wanted the visual imagery to play on this by featuring Phundo the singer submerged in water. 


My personal practise is predominantly based around music videos of various kinds so I wanted to take the opportunity of my Final Major Project this year to create a music video, pushing my skills to create something that felt fresh and new to me. I have experience in making videos and now have a number of them under my belt but I felt this time could be well spent branching out into slightly new territory, experimenting with new techniques and pushing my craft in a new and interesting direction. 

YCN 09

Here are some screenshots of the work in the context of social media, I was keen early on that the work would be versatile enough to work in a range of formats including square 1080x1080 for Instagram and 1920x1080 for Instagram stories and Snapchat. I think this has worked very successfully. 

YCN 08

These are the stills from my third short film clip, I filmed each person against a green-screened wall and placed them in different gallery spaces to communicate the fact that every gallery has a different feel and style and therefore all of them are worth visiting. Again I gave the clip a very distinct colour palette based around yellow to give it a unique feeling. 

YCN 07

This clip again was based around the artwork itself. I gave this one a strong green look to make it distinctive and individual communicating the idea that everyone has their own tastes in art and that’s part of the joy of experiencing it. 

YCN 06

Here are the stills from the first of my three final films. This one is based on the floral photography that Krish is looking at at the start of the clip, The elements of the image appear to explode, immersing him entirely in the work itself. 

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